Back To School


It’s another new school year. It’s a beginning of a new era for me. My littlest one is six and going to be in kindergarten now. I was feeling very anxious about being alone and feeling kind of lost as to what my purpose is still. It is now three weeks into the school year and I have adjusted quite well. I have been busy canning and so my days have been occupied.

The new school year always makes me a little sad as I see my kids getting older more then on their actual birthdays. But it’s also an exciting time of new beginnings and fresh goals to look forward to and not to mention watching and cheering my kids in their sports and activities which I love. It’s goings to be a great year!


Pressure Jar Sealers Have Arrived!

My FoodSaver Jar Sealers finally arrived in the mail and I got to test them out on some pantry items I wanted to put in long term food storage. It worked great! I was able to pressure seal prunes, raisens, nuts, granola, cereal, chow mein noodles, and homemade brownie mixes. Next up will be chocolate chips, more brownie mixes, candy, and rice mixes. It is almost limitless to what I can now put in my long term food storage for the year and not worry about it going bad or stale. It will be great to turn to my ready made mixes when I’m crunched for time. But the best thing of all is that I save money by making the mixes myself and not letting items go stale. I wanted to put more everyday food items that we eat regularly into our food storage and now I have found my answer!

Saving Worms

Saving Worms

Being five years old and saving the world one worm at a time. I am so glad that I can be inspired by my five year old every day. It reminds me that I need to slow down and look around me to see what kind of difference I can make in the world today. Even if it is just within the walls of my home.